I am a comedian.

I am a comedian. I tell jokes - people laugh.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My One Year Comedy Birthday

On my first comedy birthday, I hosted a comedy show where we had our first gonging and first on stage fight. Actually had punches thrown to the face of a comic on stage and to the heckler who rushed the stage. Thanks to the "Godfather of Greenville Comedy" for breaking it up. My one year birthday was swell and I have yet to be punched by a heckler.

Those were the highlights, I elaborate below.

The guy who was gonged off stage had on a shirt that read, "Got Wood?" and a Georgia hat. He had been talking to several comics on stage during most of the show. The comic performing after him, (who didn't know "got wood/Georgia hat" had been gonged off stage), said that he was confused by the shirt and asked him if he was gay. This set him off because he is crazy. The comic was getting at the idea of "who are you asking "got wood?" It must be other guys. "And a Georgia hat, you must be gay" states the comic. "Got Wood" declares, "Say that again, you know what you said!" "Say what" replies the comic, "That you're gay?" "Got Wood" says, "That's it!" throws off his hat and rushes 10 feet onto the stage truly surprising the comic. Nick Shaheen and others sprang into action and only a couple of hits landed. They did however land quite solidly on the face of both parties involved. None of that, glancing off the ear, girly flailing action. So, the guy was thrown out of the bar permanently. And, we laughed and retold the story many times... oh we laughed. I came home, got my pre-bedtime facebook fix and went to sleep. I awoke and jacked in, to receive my first morning hit of facebook and detailed the events of last evening. Then, I clicked "comment".