I am a comedian.

I am a comedian. I tell jokes - people laugh.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am a Paid Comic*

I get paid to tell jokes. I don't always get paid to tell jokes. I often perform at open mics which are a place to practice jokes, performance, timing, inflection, stage presence and generally getting comfortable speaking in front of an audience. I do not get paid to perform at open mics. As a point of reference, a band may get paid to perform a concert, but they do not get paid to go to band practice. They practice their art to provide better performances at concerts and shows. Open mics are "band practice" for comedians. I practice more than I perform in shows because I am still in the "journeyman" phase of my stand up comedy career. Yet, I do get paid to "do comedy". I sometimes receive compensation in the form of non-monetary means. It is not entirely uncommon on the evening of a comedy show for me to receive food, beer, clothing, tips, discounts, Jello, laughter, applause, and on occasion even cash money. I am performing at a show in the very near future where for the very first time I will be paid in fish. Yes I said, "paid in fish". It is official, I have made it as a comedian. "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish" I am Tom Emmons and I am off.